If you have received a pre-approval notice you should be approved already. If not please proceed to the APPLY NOW Tab for approval process.

It is a lot faster and easier than a conventional bank loan. We understand the reality and the hardship of owning and operating a business or managing your personal finances. The majority of applications are qualified within 24 hours of receiving the application and documents, and funded within 5 days.

No, the application is free. Instant Capital Corp does not impose any up-front charges or administration fees.

It is not necessary for you to have good personal credit to receive a funding. A poor credit rating will not normally influence a funding.

As quickly as 1 day after you submit your application.

Payback is automatically deducted from your bank account daily (Monday thru Friday), based upon a low set percentage of your daily sales or an agreed upon fixed amount.

If there has been no significant change in your financial status, applying for another funding from Instant Capital Corp is fast and easy. You do not have to wait until your first funding is fully paid off.

You don’t need to do any paperwork, just fill out the form online and submit it. It takes no more than ten or fifteen minutes to complete. Our Funding Specialists are available in our Contact Center to help you with this process.

Yes, anyone can apply. But any outstanding funding usually need to be repaid from the proceeds of your new advance. In some cases we may still be able to provide funding (2nd or 3rd position) without paying off existing balances depending on your current type of loan or advance.

Yes. We work to tailor our products to suit our customer’s needs, so just ask us.

When your funding balance is down to approximately 50% of the original balance, you can request a renewal. Most business owners renew their funding multiple times and often qualify for more money when they renew. The business owner can request a renewal online. Renewals are usually funded within 3-5 days of their request.

Get started now. Have working capital today.

Have any questions? We can help you.